Stop paying for email accounts!

Times are tough and you know you’ve been meaning to get on top of those old email accounts. I have witnessed clients flush away hundreds of £’s in email account fees each month knowing that there is a free alternative. If you need the storage and don’t want to deal with a free service like gmail, then I suppose it makes some sense. When Fasthosts stopped free emails some clients i dealt with were paying £6 a month on several exchange accounts for several domains. The secret is email forwarding.

Email forwarding

If you want to leverage free email or lower your cost by only running one paid account you will need to use email forwarding. Find out from your host how to set this up. Next you will need to set up your free email account to be able to ‘send as’ from the account your are forwarding to.

Please do get in touch to discuss saving money on your email accounts. I can help set things up remotely. If you are looking for a host that still provides free email accounts I can recommend Hostinger.

photo of mail app icon on a mobile phone screen